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Lactation Services

What to expect during consultation

  • Review of mama & baby health history

  • Review primary concern for visit

  • Assess baby at breast/latch assessment

  • Work with mama and baby to achieve a comfortable latch and positioning

  • Address how to increase and maintain milk supply

  • Weigh baby before and after a feed

  • Discuss active problem-solving and managing feedings

  • Counsel with engorgement and clogged ducts

  • Pump set up and proper use

  • Correct flange sizing

  • Develop a customized daily schedule to help guide the family

  • Care plan based on your lactation goals and baby's needs

  • Make evidence-based breastfeeding counseling decisions

  • You will receive 1 week of support via phone, text messaging, and email


*There is a $15 travel fee for ALL home visits and $10 deposit for all office & telehealth visits.


*Prenatal Breastfeeding Masterclass

Coming Soon

 The Prenatal Breastfeeding Masterclass, you’ll learn in advance how to hold and latch a baby, how to avoid pain, how to tell if baby’s eating well, and best practices to bring in a full milk supply. Parents who learn lactation before birth often have better outcomes and less stress. This class covers everything you need 

to get to know to get off to a great start with lactation such as: latching positions, how often to feed, how to know if the baby is drinking, building a good milk supply, when and how to introduce pumping and bottles, pain and other common issues — plus how to solve them, nutrition while nursing, & introducing solid foods.

*Office Lactation Consult
*In Home Lactation Consult
*Virtual Lactation Consult

After making your appointment, you will receive an email to join our HIPAA-compliant platform. We ask that you fill out your intake forms here before your appointment. 

When you arrive, you will walk into a welcoming environment and each consultation room is designed to make you feel at home.

You will get off to a great start with a one-on-one visit with an experienced, trained IBCLC. You will have your questions answered on the spot.

*Weight Check

*Back to Work Planning

 Weight checks can we scheduled with an IBCLC for a 15 minute appointment. Baby's weight and other vital breastfeeding information is gathered and faxed to the baby's physician.

Back to Work Planning we discuss ways to maintain your supply and create a schedule with pumping. We create a pumping schedule for you to keep. We discuss ways to talk to your employer about your pumping needs and information on pumping in the workplace. We discuss paced bottle feeding ​and what that looks like and how to do it. Also we discuss, how to talk to your childcare provider about Breastmilk and feeding baby breastmilk​. 

*FREE BIPOC Support Group

BIPOC Support group creating to be a safe space for moms of color to gather to discuss lactation, motherhood, and postpartum. Attending Support Group meetings is proven to help you breastfeed longer. Get your questions answered by one of an IBCLCs during the first 30 minutes. Socialize with other families and learn from each other.

​*There is a scale available for weight checks

1st & 3rd Mondays

Payment Options


We accept ALL insurances for lactation care. We work with The Lactation Network for Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire, MultiPlan & Cigna. If you have any of those insurances, click the link above and submit your information.

FSA/HSA always accepted.


We are in-network with Aetna as well. Please choose Aetna when booking above. Aetna is NOT part of The Lactation Network please don't fill out the "verify insurance here" form. It's handled separately, we will handle this for you. 

MelaMama Maternal Wellness is a nonprofit and we currently have funds to cover Medicaid clients. Book a consultation.


**There is a $15 travel fee for ALL home visits and $10 deposit for all office & telehealth visits.

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