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Thank you for your contributions.

Our mission is to reduce the high infant and maternal mortality rates in the State of Indiana amongst the underserved communities by providing effective lactation and postpartum education and support for women of color who are currently or planning to breastfeed with holistic education (breastfeeding management, nutrition, infant growth and development), counseling, hands-on assistance and problem solving in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment.

At MelaMama Maternal Wellness Incorporated, our mission is to provide expert clinical and educational breastfeeding services. We strive to support ALL families, wherever they are in their breastfeeding journey. We couldn’t do any of that, without help from our generous donors.

If you would like to join this incredible group of people in supporting the us, you can make a donation securely through our donation link.

Donors & Grants

Thank you to our donors.

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